The Joys of Grandchildren!

Hi! I have finally updated the website with some additional horses listed for sale and updated prices. I know I keep repeating myself but it’s been a busy summer around here! We enjoyed 3 of our grandchildren for about 10 days the beginning of August and then our 4th grandchild joined us at the end of those 10 days so we had all 4 of them here for the Loup County Fair. It was a fun time and I think they all enjoyed the treats of a small town fair. But the best part for us was that all 4 of them rode our shetland gelding, Bucko, and wanted to ride more! We have been working on that accomplishment for quite awhile!  Our 3 year old granddaughter, Phoebe, has been a little skittish until this year, and our newest granddaughter, 5 month old Piper, was excited as soon as Papa put her on the saddle! Our 5 year old grandson, Lincoln, has always enjoyed riding Bucko and he tells us that he wants to ride now all by himself. Yeah! That means that almost 4 year old Denton needs to get ready for a lot of riding because it’s going to be up to him to put the polishing touches on Bucko so he is kid proof. We think Denton is ready and what’s even better is that his Dad agreed! We are looking ahead now and thinking maybe we better be holding back some geldings because at some point, only one pony to ride is not going to be enough! We are looking forward to more fun with the grandkids in the future!