The foals are here!

Well, foaling season is over with for another year & it was finished within one week. I like it when it goes quickly! Our two shetland mares we were anticipating foals from came up open this spring so our two foals for 2014 are from two of our ASPC/AMHR mares. The first foal arrived on April 26th, a beautiful day, & then the weather turned crappy and the poor little guy had to stay in the barn for almost a week before he got to romp outside. Between the inclement weather and the wind, it was just safer to keep him inside where he could stay dry and warm. This is the fourth foal from our breedings of AE Bey Star to a D&S Tom Collins’s daughter, hence this foal’s name had to start with a D.  (It’s a way I established for myself to keep track of these particular crosses. All of our Bailey offpspring have ‘Bey’ somewhere in their name & by following a certain system that yes, probably only makes sense to me, I can know what cross it was from hearing the name.) This foal is a bay colt, very nice, & I’m delighted with the results. The dam, Outlaw’s Tru Picture, is solid bay so the color didn’t surprise me but, up until this point, Bailey has always thrown a small amount of chrome with his offspring. I guess this was the year for ‘subtle’ because the next foal was a solid bay filly. Her dam, D&S Sands of Time, is a solid chestnut but we have three full siblings to this filly and they all have chrome – socks and some white on the face. The filly is a little more refined than the colt, has wavy hair which is really cute, and is just a little taller. Both will mature in the 36″ or above range.  Both are also entered in the AMHR futurity. It is going to be fun to watch them grow and develop.  Watch for pictures as we get more into summer!