Kamelot’s Dancing Ballerina

Foaled: 4/13/91 – 45″
Sire: Michigan’s Mighty Mike
Dam: Bar G’s Flash Dancer

ASPC Classic Shetland mare Kamelot's Dancing Ballerina, our very first shetland and the dam of our shetland girls.

ASPC Kamelot’s Dancing Ballerina

We fell in love with this mare the very first time we saw her as a 2 year old filly. At that time, we knew nothing about Shetland Ponies but she was just too beautiful to resist! We purchased her and brought her home and just started playing with her. Eventually, we showed her in halter classes, showmanship classes, and broke her to drive. Our youngest son, Ethan, rode her in Lead-line 6 years and under. We had so much fun showing her! She was always at the top of her class and she always wanted to please you and show for you. We retired her from the show ring in 1996 and in 1997 we bred her to Raven of Bird Haven, ASPC Superior Sire, the leading sire at Wilkinson Pony Farm, Grand Island, Nebraska. “Blu” didn’t disappoint us – she produced an awesome bay and white filly, Outlaw’s Raven’s Dancing Beauty, that we added to our show string for the 2001 season. We repeated the breeding again in 1999 and in 2000 she blessed us with a spectacular black and white colt, Outlaw’s Raven’s Dancing NightStar.  Since then Blu has gone on to produce 3 more beautiful fillies for us, all of which have been added to our broodmare band. In 2011 she produced a colt, Outlaw’s Mr. Bey Jangles, sired by AE Bey Star. We think this colt will be a phenomenal gelding to have lots of fun with! Blu is a wonderful example of what the Classic Shetland Pony is – versatile, curious, gentle, faithful, and absolutely beautiful!

Sadly, we lost this mare on January 15, 2016. ‘Blu’ will always hold a very special place in my heart as she was our introduction into the Shetland world. She was fun, full of personality, sweet, faithful, and always my friend. Rest in peace dear friend. I will miss you.


* * * * * * * * * * * *


Outlaw’s Raven’s Dancing Beauty

Foaled: 9/3/98 – 44″
Sire: Raven of Bird Haven (Superior Sire)
Dam: Kamelot’s Dancing Ballerina (see photo above)

ASPC Classic Shetland mare Outlaw's Raven's Dancing Beauty, our very first shetland foal and our very first home-bred Grand Champion Shetland mare.

ASPC Outlaw’s Raven’s Dancing Beauty

ASPC Classic Shetland mare Outlaw's Raven's Dancing Beauty, our very first shetland foal and home-bred Grand Champion mare.

ASPC Outlaw’s Raven’s Dancing Beauty

“Beauty” is the very first ASPC foal that we raised. All of us, including the owners of the sire, were anxiously awaiting the arrival of this bundle. For some reason our youngest son, Ethan, laid claim to this foal before she was ever born. Ethan was 8 years old at the time and he was really excited about this foal. The first words out of his mouth when he saw her were “Oh, she is beautiful!” and they were said with such reverence. And beautiful she is and that is where her name comes from – Ethan’s own choosing and he picked it well! In her first show  – under 4 judges –  Beauty received 2 Grand Championships and 1 Reserve Grand Championship. WOW! And she was the Area VI Area National Reserve Grand Champion Mare! Since then Beauty has been retired from the show string and has started her career as a broodmare. We are very excited about her 2010 foal sired by AE Bey StarOutlaw’s le Bey Idel.

2002 Congress:

  • 5th Classic Youth Mare, shown by Ethan Kovarik
  • 4th Aged Mare, 3 & 4 Year Olds, Over

2001 Congress:

  • 6th Classic Model Mare, 46″ & Under
  • 2nd Classic Aged Mare, 3 & 4 Year Olds, Over
  • 5th Classic Youth Mare, Age 12 & Under, Shown by Ethan Kovarik

2001 All-Star Awards:

  • 6th – Classic Senior Mare – 3 Years & Older – 46″ & Under
  • 5th – Classic Youth Halter Mare/Gelding – 46″ & Under, 12 years & under with Ethan Kovarik


* * * * * * * * * * * *


ASPC Classic Shetland mare Wilk. No Illusion, sired by Raven of Bird Haven and the dam of our ASPC/AMHR girls sired by D&S Tom Collins.

ASPC Wilk. No Illusion

Wilk. No Illusion

Foaled: 5/28/96 – 44″
Sire: Raven of Bird Haven (Superior Sire)
Dam: Wilk. Pipi Longstocking

This mare also caught our eye and we wanted another beautiful Classic Shetland, so she was purchased and added to our herd. She is totally breathtaking to watch running free in the pasture – tail flying high and legs popping up. “Illi’s” sire, Raven of Bird Haven, is recognized as a Superior Sire in the American Shetland Pony Club. What an awesome feat! We enjoyed showing Illi for a few years but she didn’t enjoy the show ring. So she was retired from the show ring to begin her career as a broodmare. She certainly has not disappointed us in that department! Her first foal, Outlaw’s Just Wanna Lil ‘MO, was kept as a gelding for us to play with and enjoy and he has been so much fun! Since then Illi has gone on to produce 3 beautiful fillies for us, all sired by our herd sire, D&S Tom Collins. We plan to keep all the fillies for our broodmare band. The fillies from this cross, Outlaw’s TC’s No MirageOutlaw’s Tru Picture, and Outlaw’s ‘Til Unveiled, have all been hardshipped into AMHR.  This has been such a fun cross! So far we’ve had 3 different colors from this cross so we are anxious to see what the fillies themselves will produce!


* * * * * * * * * * * *


Outlaw’s Catipult’s Blu Moon – Offered for Sale!

Foaled: 4/8/03 – 44″
Sire: Town & Country’s Catipult (HOF)
Dam: Kamelot’s Dancing Ballerina (see photo above)

This foal was anxiously waited for and she didn’t disappoint us! Her dam is our very first shetland mare, Kamelot’s Dancing Ballerina, and her sire is none other than Town & Country’s Catipult, 1998 Pony of the Year and 1998 National Grand Champion Classic Sheltand Stallion, Under. The filly had a brief career as a show mare before she was retired to our broodmare band. 2005 Area VI Area National Show Placings:

  • 1st – Classic Area Futurity Mare 2 Year Old
  • 1st – 2 Yr. Old Mare
  • Junior Champion Mare

Placings at 2003 Congress:

  • 10th Mare Foal of Current Year
  • 9th Classic Futurity Filly Foal of Current Year
  • 5th Classic Weanling Sweepstakes

ASPC Classic Shetland mare Outlaw's Catipult's Blu Moon sired by the 1998 Pony of the Year, Town & Country's Catipult.

ASPC Outlaw’s Catipult’s Blu Moon

“Mooney” as we affectionately call her, was bred to our herd sire, D&S Tom Collins, in 2007 and in 2008 gave us a beautiful red roan pinto filly, Outlaw’s Tara Rose. Tara matured small and was hardshipped into AMHR in 2013. We have cut our breeding program down and so have decided to offer this mare for sale. She is a fun mare with tons of personality! She still has plenty of good years left in her to give you some beautiful foals!   $1500

* * * * * * * * * * * *


Outlaw’s Tap Dancer

Foaled: 5/22/06
Sire: D&S Tom Collins – 34″
Dam: Kamelot’s Dancing Ballerina – 45″

Wow! We were anxious to see what this cross brought us and again, we were not disappointed! She has Daddy’s attitude plus looks and her dam was so much fun to show. Timing didn’t allow us to show this filly so she will be added to the broodmare band. She was bred to our Senior Stallion, AE Bey Star, for a 2012 foal and produced a beautiful red & white filly, Outlaw’s Bey Blitz. The filly is small and we think she can be hardshipped into AMHR.  She has a super personality, just like her dam, and we are looking forward to breeding her in the future.

ASPC Shetland mare Outlaw's Tap Dancer sired by D&S Tom Collins.

ASPC Outlaw’s Tap Dancer


* * * * * * * * * * * *


Outlaw’s Dancin’ A Tune

Foaled: 6/21/08
Sire: D&S Tom Collins (HOF)  34″
Dam: Kamelot’s Dancing Ballerina  45″

‘Tune’ is a solid black filly with a large white star on her forehead. She is a full sister to Outlaw’s Tap Dancer but she shows very different characteristics from her full sister. She has the movement and body type to be shown in today’s Modern Pleasure Division. We decided to add her to our broodmare band and in May, 2015 ‘Tune’ foaled a knock-out filly for us, Outlaw’s ElizaBey Waltz. She can be seen on our ‘For Sale’ page!

ASPC Classic Shetland mare Outlaw's Dancin'  A Tune sired by D&S Tom Collins.

ASPC Outlaw’s Dancin’ A Tune



* * * * * * * * * * * *


BC Lucky Dancer

Foaled: 1/15/2007
Sire: AGS Peabody Express
Dam: AGS Lucky Lolita (HOF)

ASPC Modern Shetland mare BC Lucky Dancer out of the phenomenal driving mare AGS Lucky Lolita.

ASPC BC Lucky Dancer


Wow! We were so excited to acquire this filly! Her dam has won many Congress Championships and was truly an amazing sight to see in the performance ring! Dancer was bred to D&S Tom Collins for an April 2015 foal. She gave us a black & white colt, Outlaw’s Tango Kid, and we like what we see! In fact, we repeated the breeding for 2017 & Ray is hoping for a match to Tango as he’s ready to start a new team.


* * * * * * * * * * * *


Mo Sweet N’ Saucy EDV 

Foaled: 4/5/2006 43 1/4″
Sire: Harbrooks Mo-Mischief
Dam: Sweet Surprize FMF (HOF)

This is a gorgeous mare! We have always loved Elli Verba’s MO babies – their personalities, charisma, and presence definitely make them a contender in the show ring and a great addition to a breeding program. Thank you Elli, Verba Shetlands, for giving us the opportunity to add ‘Lexy’ to our broodmare band! ‘Lexy’ as she’s known to us, was bred to AE Bey Star in 2012 and in May, 2013 she foaled a wildly marked colt, Outlaw’s Bey Mayhem. ‘Hemi’ as he’s known to us, is an awesome colt! He has color, personality, & he can move! He’s going to be a fun gelding for the right person! ‘Lexy’ foaled a bay filly for us, Outlaw’s Sur’s Sweet Embrace, sired by Outlaw’s Thyme For a Surprise, on May 9, 2016. We are very excited about this filly too!

American Shetland Pony

ASPC MO Sweet N’ Saucy EDV


* * * * * * * * * * * *

 Dragon Fire’s Electric Blue

ASPC Modern Pleasure mare Dragon Fire's Electric Blue sired by E's Pistal Peet.

ASPC Dragon Fire’s Electric Blue

Foaled: 5/22/01  42″
Sire: E’s Pistal Peet
Dam: Georgetown’s Last Chance

This mare was such a find! We delivered a mare to Lynn Bateman, Arabian Echo Miniature Horses, and this mare came home with us. She literally made me catch my breathe the first time I saw her! She has a presence and a beauty about her that is irresistible plus she has a wonderful personality. Honestly, she could be competitive in today’s show ring but we were anxious to add her to our broodmare band. She gave us a beautiful filly, Outlaw’s Twice the Appeal in 2011, sired by our stallion, D&S Tom Collins.  We repeated the breeding again for 2012 but sadly the bay/white pinto colt didn’t make it out of the sac. Her 2013 foal, Outlaw’s Bey Voltage 220, was sired by AE Bey Star and we are just as thrilled with that cross! Thank you Lynn for allowing this beautiful mare to make her home with us! Ellie is bred to Outlaw’s Thyme for a Surprise for a May 2017 foal!

* * * * * * * * * * * *



Scandalous Review EDV

ASPC Modern mare Scandalous Review EDV sired by MO Rave Reviews EDV.

ASPC Scandalous Review EDV

Foaled: 4/22/10
Sire: MO Rave Reviews EDV (HOF)
Dam: Dun Haven Mardi Gras

This is another beautiful filly from Ellie Verba’s breeding program that we feel very fortunate to be able to add to our Shetland herd. This filly is a granddaughter of Harbrooks MO-Mischief as well as a granddaughter of Dun-Haven Grand Performance. She started her show career off in a fantastic fashion being named the 2010 National Champion Modern Pleasure Futurity Mare Foal of Current Year and National Champion Modern Pleasure Mare Foal of Current Year. We are looking forward to seeing this filly in the performance arena in the future! Thank you Elli for entrusting us with another of your beautiful fillies!

* * * * * * * * * * * *


Outlaw’s le Bey Idel

ASPC Shetland mare Outlaw's Le Bey Idel sired by AE Bey Star. Her name 'Idel' is French for beautiful.

ASPC Outlaw’s Le Bey Idel

Foaled: 6/27/2010
Sire: AE Bey Star  37 3/4″
Dam: Outlaw’s Raven’s Dancing Beauty  44″

Wow! We couldn’t have been more thrilled with this cross! Idel’s name is French for beautiful, with a little twist added to it to include her sire’s name. Her dam is a Raven of Bird Haven daughter and her granddam is our first shetland mare, Kamelot’s Dancing Beauty, who boasts Michigan bloodlines. Idel made her debut into the show ring at the 2011 Nebraska State Fair. She was expertly handled by Elli Verba. Life has kept us from continuing to show this filly but we are seriously thinking about breeding her in 2017.

2011 Nebraska State Fair

*3 1sts & 1 2nd place under 4 judges

*JUNIOR CHAMPION MARE under 3 judges

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Outlaw’s Twice The Appeal

Foaled: 5/14/2011
Sire: D&S Tom Collins 34″
Dam: Dragon Fire’s Electric Blue 42″

We are delighted with this cross! We have loved this filly since the day she was born! ‘Two’ as we call her,  is a beautiful example of a  classic shetland mare. She is full of personality and she has proven herself to be an excellent broodmare. ‘Two’ foaled a seal brown colt for us in April, 2016, Outlaw’s Bey Dudley O, sired by AE Bey Star. ‘Dudley’ is already gelded and will be good driving prospect.

American Shetland Pony

ASPC Outlaw’s Twice the Appeal


* * * * * * * * * * * *

 Outlaw’s Bey Blitz

ASPC –  Shetland
Foaled: 4/10/2012
Sire: AE Bey Star 37 3/4″
Dam: Outlaw’s Tap Dancer  38″

This was our first ASPC cross with a Tom Collins daughter and our Senior Stallion, AE Bey Star. We were delighted with the result and the filly becomes more impressive every day! She isn’t growing as much as we expected either and we think she may be another Tom Collins offspring that is eligible for AMHR hardshipping.


ASPC Classic Shetland filly Outlaw's Bey Blitz, sired by AE Bey Star and out of a D&S Tom Collins daughter, Outlaw's Tap Dancer.

ASPC Outlaw’s Bey Blitz


Outlaw’s Just Wanna Lil ‘MO

ASPC Classic Shetland Gelding
Foaled: 4/27/03  44″
Sire: Harbrooks MO-Mischief
Dam: Wilk. No Illusion

This is an awesome gelding with the sweetest personality. He has been fun to enjoy! We are looking forward to watching our grandson Lincoln show him in the future!

2004 Shetland Congress –

  • 5th- Classic Futurity Yearling Stallion/Gelding
  • 4th – Classic Youth Gelding, Age 13 – 17 with Ethan Kovarik
  • 2nd – Yearling Gelding, Over



ASPC Gelding

Bucko’s new job

ASPC Classic Shetland gelding Outlaw's Just Wanna Lil 'MO, sired by Harbrooks Mo Mischief.

ASPC Outlaw’s Just Wanna Lil ‘MO

And just for more fun . . . . . . . .

RFP Change of Luck

ASPC Modern Shetland gelding RFP Change of Luck sired by RFP Time For A Change with Junior Handler Ethan Kovarik at age 9.

ASPC RFP Change of Luck

ASPC Modern Shetland gelding RFP Change of Luck with his buddy Ethan Kovarik at age 9.

ASPC RFP Change of Luck

ASPC Modern Shetland gelding RFP Change of Luck, sired by RFP Time for a Change.

ASPC RFP Change of Luck

ASPC Modern Shetland Gelding
Foaled: 5/22/99  41″
Sire: RFP Time For A Change
Dam: RFP Summertime Blues

“Lucky”  was added to our shetland family in 2000. He is proudly owned by Ray and Ethan, who hope to someday break him to drive. In the meantime, we have enjoyed getting to know Lucky and learning how to handle and show a Modern Shetland. He has a super disposition, is very friendly and loving, and has put up with our amateur status very well! We want to thank RFP Ponies for allowing us to purchase Lucky and for all of their help and encouragement!

2004 Congress:

  • 8th – Modern Youth Mare or Gelding, Age 13 – 17 with Ethan Kovarik
  • 4th – Modern Liberty with Ethan Kovarik
  • 4th – Pleasure Gelding, 3 & Older, 46″ & under

2003 Area VI Area National Show:

  • GRAND CHAMPION Modern Pleasure Gelding

2003 All-Star Awards:

  • Modern Pleasure Gelding – 3 Years Old & Older – 46″ & Under – 10th
  • Modern Youth Halter, Mare/Gelding, 46″ & Under – 9th
  • Modern Youth Exhibitor – Mare or Gelding 12 & Under – 46″ & Under – 4th with Ethan Kovarik

2002 Congress:

  • 8th Modern Youth Mare/Gelding 12 & Under, shown by Ethan Kovarik
  • 5th Modern Pleasure Gelding 3 & Older, 46″ & Under
  • 6th Modern Liberty with Ethan Kovarik

Lucky’s 2001 All-Star Awards:

  • 1st – Modern Pleasure Gelding – 2 Years Old – 44.5″ & Under
  • Junior Champion Modern Pleasure Gelding
  • Reserve Grand Champion Modern Pleasure Gelding