Our first foal has arrived!

Our first foal of the season arrived this week  -born early Tuesday morning, the 10th, was a red/white pinto filly! I was quite surprised by the color – dam is a bay/white pinto & sire is a bay with socks. But in thinking about her geneology I realized her grandsire on the dam’s side was a red/white pinto so then it made sense. But as to how all of those color genes mix & match totally baffle me. Anyway, the filly is doing great. Of course weather has not been the best since she was born so she’s only been out of the barn a couple of times to stretch those legs. And today (Saturday) is pretty stormy so don’t think she will get to run today.  I’ll get some pictures taken of her and posted at a later date so keep an eye on the foal page. Our next foal isn’t due for another month so we’ll just spoil this one for awhile. Her name will be Outlaw’s Bey Blitz. Since the dam is Tap Dancer I wanted a dance name for her so I ‘googled’ dance names and came up with a pretty long list. Blitz seemed to fit since her color didn’t match her sire and dam. Her sire is ASPC/AMHR and her dam is ASPC but we do have AMHR hardship papers on her just haven’t sent them in yet. It looks to me like the filly will be close to 38″ but time will tell.  I’m just thrilled we started the season off with a filly!