Our 2nd foal has arrived!

Finally after 3 weeks of watching & waiting our 2nd foal has arrived! I was beginning to get a little anxious about the foal being too large but the filly is just the right size & mama looks great! The dam is our proven producing mare, Rowbuck Dear Abby, & the sire is our latest stallion, AE Bey Star. This will be the 2nd foaling season for Bey Star foals so we are anxious to see what he produces for us as this year’s crosses will be first time crosses with him for most of the mares. This filly is sorrel, bald face, 2 rear socks, & a little bit of white on her left front leg.  She is full of fire already! Guess she was tired of being cooped up inside mama for so long! Pictures will be posted as soon as we can get some sunshine so she can get out, stretch her legs, & fill out. We will be keeping right on with night checks though as the next 4 mares are due one right after the other over the course of the next 3 weeks. So stay tuned!