Horses Are Home!

November 10th, 2012

We brought the horses home from pasture this past Monday. We are fortunate to be able to run them on about 40 acres of grass for about 3 months out of the year. The pasture is north of us about 30 miles and they enjoy being out in the quiet, open hills for awhile. We usually take them to pasture around the first of August after our breeding season is completely done & then bring them home around the first of November. I think they are glad to be back home & I love looking out my kitchen window and seeing horses in the pasture here. It’s just a soothing sight for me. The horses get along great while on pasture and since they are on my dad’s place, he checks in on them from time to time. This year we did have a scare. We are in very dry conditions right now since we have not had any measurable rain since May 30th. The fall was warm with some windy conditions and one day when the neighbor was picking corn just to the northeast of the pasture where the horses were, the combine sent a spark and a fire started extremely quick and in these conditions, spread extremely fast. My dad happened to be in town at the time & when he heard the fire whistle, he checked on the origin of the fire & when he heard, he immediately knew what had happened & what a threat it was. He headed out to the place & as soon as he got there he checked on the horses & they had moved to the very west side of the pasture away from the fire. The fire went across the eastern edge of their pasture and none were hurt, nor was any buildings, home sites, livestock, or humans harmed that day but the fire did cover roughly about 8 miles in length & 4 miles in width. I recognize it as a blessing when you look at the big picture and realize how much worse it could have been, that’s when a person realizes that God was in the midst of all of it and averting tragedy. The fence around the pasture was in bad shape so we moved the horses to another small pasture that hadn’t been used all summer and they enjoyed another 3 weeks in the hills before we brought them home. Yes, you could say they are a little bit spoiled. 🙂

Fall is here!

October 19th, 2012

Wow, I can’t believe I am so behind in posting any news! It seems like the summer flew by & now we are well into fall! And with the way the wind blew the last couple of days I thought maybe we would get blown right into next year!

Outlaw’s Derby Tradition, our 3 Year old AMHR mare, qualified for AMHR Nationals, and was expertly handled and cared for by ShowTime Training Center. We are delighted with Derby’s placings at Nationals. We want to give a big Thank You to Robby & Marcia Barth & Andrea Severson, ShowTime Training Center for their care and presentation of Derby at AMHR Nationals. We did not attend this year so had to watch her accomplishments via webcam but we thought she looked great and we are very proud of her!

We have all 3 of this year’s foals halter broke and each one has been spending their time in the barn getting to used to a stall and getting ‘people’ time. I just love the personality on each one of them! They have really been fun to work with and I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds in store for each of them!

We are very dry here, unfortunately going on almost 150 days with no rain. Too long and at this point, I would be glad to even see some snow! Fortunately we have enough hay for the winter but do need moisture for next year.

Until next time…………



Catching our breath!

June 16th, 2012

It seems like we rolled right into spring, foaling season, show season, breeding season, and haying season all at the same time! It’s been a busy 6 weeks around here with trying to keep up with all the things warmer weather can bring, visits from our grandchildren (and children) and then starting our photography show season with two shows and all the preparation required to get set up for a new year.  Our foaling season is now done and hopefully our breeding season as well. We are only breeding 4 mares for next year and with any luck, they will all foal in April and early May. Our year of 2013 is all ready filling up with commitments and our oldest son announced his engagement and upcoming marriage for June 8 of next year. So since spring will be busy again, we decided to plan for foaling early and be done. Right now we are also trying to get haying done and fencing done to keep the sheep in which we are summering for weed control. It’s been an interesting experiment but I think it’s working. We also attended our first AMHR sanctioned show last week-end in Broken Bow, NE with our 3 year old AMHR Under Mare, Outlaw’s Derby Tradition. She did us proud by bringing home 2 Grand Championships and 1 Reserve Grand Championship. We are thrilled her show season is off to a great start! Our calendar for the next few weeks has some local commitments but no traveling so I am hopeful that we can get caught up!

Today is Derby day!

May 5th, 2012

Today is one of my favorite days – the day of the Kentucky Derby! I just love to watch the horses run and all the history, information, and excitement that builds up to the Kentucky Derby is fascinating to me.  Since our oldest son lives in Louisville, we’ve had the privilege of touring Churchill Downs and seeing the museum.  The museum itself is awesome and can keep a person fascinated for hours with all the facts and information displayed. Someday I want to attend the Kentucky Derby too – it is definately on my ‘to-do’ list! I keep telling my son that would be an awesome Mother’s Day gift. 🙂  I’m not much of a gambler so I don’t usually bet on the horse race & I don’t understand all the lingo that goes with picking a favorite for the race but I do find the articles and the information they compile on why they handicap a certain horse the way they do very interesting. But when it all comes down to it, I’m sure there are several factors that just can’t be decided by how the horse looks on paper. I also love the names they pick for these horses – I like to write down my favorite ones and those names may end up someday with an ‘Outlaw’ in front of them. IF I do decide to bet then my betting is usually based on a name I like. A few years ago I think that paid off in a 2nd place finish although I can’t remember the name now. It sounds like this year’s Kentucky Derby is gearing up to be an interesting one for the record books and you can bet that I will be geared to the TV watching it!

Our first foal has arrived!

April 14th, 2012

Our first foal of the season arrived this week  -born early Tuesday morning, the 10th, was a red/white pinto filly! I was quite surprised by the color – dam is a bay/white pinto & sire is a bay with socks. But in thinking about her geneology I realized her grandsire on the dam’s side was a red/white pinto so then it made sense. But as to how all of those color genes mix & match totally baffle me. Anyway, the filly is doing great. Of course weather has not been the best since she was born so she’s only been out of the barn a couple of times to stretch those legs. And today (Saturday) is pretty stormy so don’t think she will get to run today.  I’ll get some pictures taken of her and posted at a later date so keep an eye on the foal page. Our next foal isn’t due for another month so we’ll just spoil this one for awhile. Her name will be Outlaw’s Bey Blitz. Since the dam is Tap Dancer I wanted a dance name for her so I ‘googled’ dance names and came up with a pretty long list. Blitz seemed to fit since her color didn’t match her sire and dam. Her sire is ASPC/AMHR and her dam is ASPC but we do have AMHR hardship papers on her just haven’t sent them in yet. It looks to me like the filly will be close to 38″ but time will tell.  I’m just thrilled we started the season off with a filly!

Foaling time is almost here!

March 31st, 2012

Well, the first mare due to foal has been brought into the barn & is handling it pretty well. If you have been reading any of my posts you’ll know that this mare doesn’t like being stalled so I was a little nervous about bringing her into the barn in preparation for foaling (she’s a first time mare) but I certainly wasn’t comfortable leaving her outside to foal either. Our weather has been absolutely beautiful so temperature isn’t really a problem this year, I just feel better having her in the barn. Anyway, I brought her pasture buddy into the barn with her and have her stalled right next to her & all is going well. Actually, I didn’t realize the two were such good buddies. I brought our 2 show mares for the year  in at the same time with the intention of stalling the younger mare next to the bred mare in the barn & leaving the older show mare outside in a pen next to the barn for a couple of weeks yet. I got the stalls ready, put the young filly in & the bred mare in & thought we were all set. But the mare outside is whinnying & the bred mare is whinnying so I switched & took the younger mare outside & brought the older mare into the stall next to the bred mare & everyone was happy.  So all is going well and now it is just a waiting game. The mare’s due date is April 6-7 so we are about a week off and she isn’t showing any signs at this point of speeding things up. Hopefully though by next week I will have foal news to report! In the meantime I love hearing about everyone else’s new foals and seeing the pictures posted. Happy foaling everyone!

A beautiful week of 70 degree temperatures

March 17th, 2012

It is an absolutely beautiful day here! Wow, amazing for March to enjoy temperatures in the ’70’s. I am loving it!

Nothing too newsy here this week. Ethan took a job away from home so now I am riding the shetland gelding on a regular basis. It has been 35 plus years since I have done any training from the saddle! I forgot how much an inexperienced horse will do the stop/start, stop/start dance and how they don’t like (or want) to walk in a straight line. But overall Bucko is actually doing really well and I am enjoying the riding especially in such beautiful weather. Ethan has done a good job at getting him started. I’m grateful that I didn’t have to do the ‘hard’ work of getting him used to the saddle and rider.  🙂

Feels like Spring!

March 10th, 2012

Wow! Today is a warm, breezy day! Feels good to be outside without a coat on & the promise of spring is just around the corner. We’ve had an easy winter this past year so nothing to complain about but still there is something about the thought of spring that just gives a person energy & creates an excitement of it’s own.

Our training continues with the gelding under saddle and he is coming along nicely. Ethan has been riding him outside of the round pen & he is getting used to noises and things away from the barn. He is also improving with his reining and stop and go. So now it is just ride, ride, ride. Our little neighbor boy who is 2 1/2 years old was visiting yesterday afternoon so we gave him a ride on Bucko. He loved it and Bucko acted like it was an everyday occurrence so I think he’ll be ready for his young riders. 🙂

The brood mares are looking fat and sassy. It’s time this week-end to move the first mare due into the barn. She is still about a month off but I like to have them acclimated especially since it’s her first foal.

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful day in your corner of the world!

Foaling time is getting close!

March 3rd, 2012

Foaling time is drawing near and as always, I am anticipating the arrival of our first foal of 2012! I love foaling season! Our first mare is due around the first part of April. She is our ASPC mare, Outlaw’s Tap Dancer, a daughter of D&S Tom Collins and out of our Michigan bred mare, Kamelot’s Dancing Ballerina. This will be her first foal and also our 2nd cross with a Tom Collins daughter bred to our other Senior Stallion, AE Bey Star. The poor girl is as broad as a barn and honestly I’m not sure if she will fit through the side barn door that I usually use. I might have to open up the big doors to bring her into the barn. She also doesn’t like stalls so it will be interesting to see if she is feeling too fat to argue with the stall or if she’ll throw fits being in a stall. I’ll have to keep a close eye on her that’s for sure. Her foal will be our only April foal so of course, it will be spoiled. 🙂 Did I say that I love foaling season?

2012 Futurity

February 25th, 2012

It’s that time of year again to fill out futurity paperwork. I love participating in the futurity programs. I love the challenge that comes with matching bloodlines together and seeing if they can produce an offspring that carries on the desirable qualities from both parents. Futurity programs are also a way to measure a breeder’s program as to how successful it is according to the breed standard and the direction that breed is taking. Often times when the line-up is called for all the Futurity winners and you look at them together, a consistent type will emerge. It’s an impressive sight when you can actually see the type reproduced from various programs across the country. Hats off to all the breeders who are dedicated to supporting the ASPC/AMHR Futurity programs!

We have produced 2 Futurity Champions here at Outlaw Miniatures & Shetlands and both of those AMHR fillies were sired by our stallion, D&S Tom Collins, who was himself a Futurity Champion. We also have other AMHR horses who have consistently placed with Top Ten Honors the years they were shown in their respective futurities. So we feel our breeding program is on the right track to continue the growth of AMHR.

This year we have sustained all of the AMHR horses we had in the program along with 2 Classic Shetlands in the ASPC Classic Shetland Futurity program. We will be nominating our stallion, AE Bey Star, in the Classic Shetland program and 2 of the mares he has bred for this season. We feel it’s time our breeding program was beginning to show itself stronger in the ASPC division.

Good luck to everyone participating in the AMHR/ASPC futurity programs! I look forward to seeing the results of your efforts!