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 Offered for Sale

Outlaw’s Tommy Girl  35 1/2″

AMHR Miniature mare Outlaw's Tommy Girl, sired by D&S Tom Collins.

AMHR Outlaw’s Tommy Girl

AMHR – Miniature
Foaled: 6/18/03
Sire: D&S Tom Collins  34″
Dam: Lucky Hart’s Sylvie  34 1/2″

Tommy Girl is a daughter of D&S Tom Collins and her dam is an older mare that comes from the Lucky Hart Ranch & Renee Reiten’s foundation breeding program. Tommy Girl is upright, refined, and just has a presence about her! Tommy Girl’s first foal born in 2008, sired by Sami’s Pipe N Hot, was a black/white filly and she could move! Unfortunately we lost the filly in 2011 to a freak lightning incident. Tommy Girl’s 2nd foal born in 2011, sired by AE Bey Star, is a very refined Arabian type gray dapple with socks, Outlaw’s AnnaBelle Bey. AnnaBelle has competed successfully in CDE and local shows. This is a chance to own a direct daughter of D&S Tom Collins! I love the fillies this mare has produced.   $550



Offered for Sale

Outlaw’s Miss Hot Stuff  34 1/2″


AMHR Mare Outlaw’s Miss Hot Stuff

AMHR – Miniature
Foaled: 4/8/03
Sire: Sami’s Pipe ‘N Hot  33 1/2″
Dam: Rowbuck Dear Abby  35″

Hot Stuff is a full sister to Outlaw’s Hot ‘N Spicy, Outlaw’s Ab-Salute-ly Hot, and Outlaw’s One Hot Winner, all sired by our retired Senior Stallion Sami’s Pipe N Hot. We decided to keep this filly for our broodmare band specifically to cross back to our Senior Stallion D&S Tom Collins. Our first cross resulted in a very correct, nice-moving, tiny foal who measured just 28/34″ as a yearling, Outlaw’s Just MyT Fine.  This mare has a lot to offer someone who is looking to continue to breed miniatures for refinement and conformation. We have chosen not to continue breeding miniature mares without ASPC papers so her talent as a broodmare is being lost here. $450




D&S Sands of Time 36 3/4″

ASPC/AMHR -Shetland/Miniature
Foaled: 4/12/97
Sire: BHR Lerwick 33 1/2″
Dam: BHR Loraine 38″

We were fortunate to be able to add this mare to our herd of ASPC/AMHR mares and she is an excellent producing mare. She is a gentle mare, easy to handle, and we are very pleased with the offspring she is producing for us. She is the dam of  STC’s Outlaw Red, Outlaw’s Antci-Bey-Tion, Outlaw’s Sierra Bey, Outlaw’s Pecos Bey, and Outlaw’s Queen Bey. Her Seth Thomas lineage includes some of the beginning bloodlines that started the D&S breeding program of Dale & Shirley Lutke. And if you pay attention to the AMHR National Champions you know that the D&S horses have been in the winner’s circle many times! Sands is currently being bred to an ASPC stallion, a son of Harbrook’s MO Mischief.  $1500




ASPC/AMHR Shetland/Miniature mare Outlaw's TC's No Mirage, sired by D&S Tom Collins.

ASPC/AMHR Outlaw’s TC’s No Mirage

Outlaw’s TC’s No Mirage 36 1/4″

ASPC/AMHR – Shetland/Miniature
Foaled: 5/1/2005
Sire: D&S Tom Collins – 34″
Dam: Wilk. No Illusion – 44″

This is a chance to own a direct daughter of D&S Tom Collins. Mirage is our first Shetland foal from our ASPC/AMHR stallion, D&S Tom Collins, and we were thrilled with the result! Mirage was hardshipped into AMHR in 2010. Mirage’s first foal, Outlaw’s Cosmos Bey, was definately not a disappointment and you can watch for him in the show ring in 2017!  Mirage is currently being bred to an ASPC stallion, a son of Harbrook’s MO Mischief.   $2500