It’s foaling time!

As always, I look forward to the new foals every spring. We are currently waiting on an ASPC foal from our Harbrook’s Mo-Mischief daughter and sired by our Junior Stallion, Outlaw’s Thyme for a Surprise. This will be the first time for this cross and our 2nd foal from both “Sur” and “Lexy”. So far “Lexy” is showing no signs of being ready to foal so I suspect we could be going past the due dates I had marked.

Our other ASPC mare, BC’s Lucky Dancer, doesn’t appear to be in foal. We are watching for signs of heat but it’s seems to be an odd year & no one is cycling yet. So in the meantime, she is away from the other mares, just in case.

We actually had a first for us this year. One of our younger maiden ASPC mares, Outlaw’s Twice the Appeal, accidentally got bred when one of the stallions got out last spring. I knew the stallion got out, thought I knew the mares that were in heat so watched them closely for signs of a goof-up, but somehow missed the one mare that he did manage to breed. So it was actually March before we realized that we had had an ‘oops’ & since the year was so busy, I hadn’t written the time on my calendar when the stallion got out, so had no idea on an exact foaling date, just a guess. Well, the little guy arrived on April 26th, healthy & doing well. He’s a solid bay & since he was an ‘oops’ we had already decided we either had an Ooopsy Daisy or an Ooopsy Dudley so his name will be Outlaw’s Dudley O. He will be gelded and I think he is going to be a sharp little guy for someone to have a lot of fun with. Of course, he was born on a nice day & then it started raining & is cold, so he’s not got out to run & stretch his legs yet. I have a BIG calendar in the barn this year so I am writing down everything, even if I think it’s insignificant!