We got our first taste of winter over the last couple of days. Not too bad considering it is the 1st of February and we only got about 2″ of snow preceded by rain. It is welcome moisture and will help make spring greener.

Finally, after talking about it for the past 4 years we have started our classic shetland gelding, Outlaw’s Just Wanna Lil ‘MO, (known to us as Bucko) under saddle. It’s time he had some designated work to do and since we have a grandson who loves horses and wants to ride, it’s time Bucko was broke for that purpose. He has been a quick learner and has taken to the saddle with no problems at all. We’ll see how the next step goes. Our son Ethan has been doing the training with guidance from Ray.

Our plans are to start bringing show horses in later this month and actually get some conditioning started this year. We have a 3 year old AMHR mare and possibly 3 shetlands that we would like to show this year. We’ll get them started and then see as we get closer to spring how it looks like our schedule is going to work out for horse shows. I’m looking forward to show season already! We have some awesome yearling AMHR fillies that deserve to be shown so if you are looking for a show prospect, be sure to check them out!