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Outlaw’s ElizaBey Waltz

ASPC – Shetland

Foaled: 5/10/15
Sire: AE Bey Star 37 3/4″
Dam: Outlaw’s Dancing a Tune

ASPC Filly

Outlaw’s ElizaBey Waltz, ASPC filly

Wow! Wow! Wow ! This filly is amazing! She is black with a star and one blue eye. She loves to show herself off and she can move! I have no doubts that this filly can be a strong contender in the show ring!       $1500     


Outlaw's ElizaBey Waltz

Outlaw’s ElizaBey Waltz, ASPC filly


ASPC Filly

ASPC filly, Outlaw’s ElizaBey Waltz



 Outlaw’s Queen Bey         

ASPC Shetland Outlaw's Queen Bey, sired by AE Bey Star out of a D&S Tom Collins daughter.

ASPC Outlaw’s Queen Bey

 ASPC -Shetland

Foaled: 5/01/2014
Sire: AE Bey Star  37 3/4″
Dam: D&S Sands of Time 36 3/4″

This filly has attitude plus! Our cross with AE Bey Star and D&S Sands of Time never disappoints us! This filly is filling out nicely and will be so much fun to show as she has attitude as well as style, conformation, and action. She could be your next winner!  $1500                                                                                                            


ASPC Shetland Outlaw's Queen Bey sired by AE Bey Star and out of a Tom Collins daughter.

ASPC Outlaw’s Queen Bey






 Outlaw’s Tru Picture

ASPC/AMHR  Shetland/Miniature

Foaled: 4/23/07 – 38″
Sire: D&S Tom Collins (HOF) 34″
Dam: Wilk. No Illusion  44″

‘Trudy’ is a solid bay filly and is the 2nd filly this cross has given us. She is a full sister to Outlaw’s TC’s No Mirage and Outlaw’s ‘Til Unveiled. She was hardshipped into AMHR in 2012. She was  added to our broodmare band and in April 2014 gave us a bay colt sired by our Senior Stallion, AE Bey Star.  We are cutting back our herd and changing directions with life so we are offering this mare for sale. Don’t let Trudy’s plain package fool you – she is a dynamite mare.     $1200



ASPC/AMHR Outlaw’s Tru Picture



Outlaw’s ‘Til Unveiled

ASPC/AMHR  Shetland/Miniature

Foaled: 4/23/2009 – 37″
Sire: D&S Tom Collins (HOF) 34″
Dam: Wilk. No Illusion 44″

This is the 3rd filly this cross has produced for us & they keep getting better & better! This filly followed in her full sisters’ footsteps and was hardshipped into AMHR in 2103. Tillie was bred to AE Bey Star for a May 2017 foal and she gave us a silver dapple colt, Outlaw’s Bey Fiddle Diddle. Tillie would be an excellent addition to anyone’s broodmare band. $1200


ASPC/AMHR Outlaw's 'Til Unveiled

ASPC/AMHR Outlaw’s ‘Til Unveiled


 Outlaw’s Tara Rose

ASPC/AMHR  Shetland/Miniature

Foaled: 6/12/08 – 38″
Sire: D&S Tom Collins (HOF) 34″
Dam: Outlaw’s Catipult’s Blue Moon 44″

Tara’s maternal grandsire is Town & Country’s Catipult, 1998 Pony of the Year, National Champion Pleasure Driving, and National Grand Champion Classic Stallion, Under. Tara was hardshipped into AMHR in 2013.  Here is another chance to own a direct daughter of D&S Tom Collins and a granddaughter to the 1998 Pony of the Year!  Tara foaled a red/white pinto filly the spring of 2015. Sadly we lost her as a yearling due to unexplained circumstances. Tara is bred to ASPC stallion, MO Critical Acclaim EDV, a son of Harbrook’s MO Mischief for a June 2018 foal. $2500


ASPC/AMHR Outlaw's Tara Rose

ASPC/AMHR Mare Outlaw’s Tara Rose



Outlaw’s Sierra Bey  37 1/2″

ASPC/AMHR – Shetland/Miniature

Foaled: 5/14/2011  37 1/2″
Sire: AE Bey Star 37 3/4″
Dam: D&S Sands of Time 36 3/4″

This filly is easy to handle and has a great personality. Sierra was shown for the first time in 2017 and she took all new experiences and new surroundings in stride. She would make an excellent Western Country prospect for a youth our amateur. Her sire, AE Bey Star, is out of a Seth Thomas bred mare and Bey Star’s sire is predominately Arenosa lineage. Her dam, D&S Sands of Time, is also of Seth Thomas lineage.    $1500


ASPC/AMHR Outlaw's Sierra Bey

ASPC/AMHR Outlaw’s Sierra Bey







Outlaw’s Bey Voltage 220

ASPC – Shetland

Foaled: 4/21/2013
Sire: AE Bey Star 37 3/4″
Dam: Dragon Fire’s Electric Blue 42″

This colt is going to be fun, fun, fun! He is sharp and he definitely shows his dam’s spirit and movement. If you are looking for a fun gelding to add to your show string then give us a call! “Volt” was shown for the first time in 2017 and he received 4 Grand Championships under 4 different judges. He is starting to really come into himself in the show ring and each show he got better and better. “Volt” currently measures 43″.   $1200




ASPC Gelding Outlaw's Bey Voltage 220

ASPC Gelding Outlaw’s Bey Voltage 220








 Outlaw’s Bey Mayhem

ASPC – Shetland
Foaled: 5/3/2013
Sire: AE Bey Star 37 3/4″
Dam: MO Sweet N’ Saucy EDV 43 1/4″

I thought my eyes were deceiving me when this colt was born! I was shocked by his markings but oh, I do like the way he looks and his coloring is just icing on the cake. ‘Hemi” is very refined and will make a sharp prospect for anyone looking for a gelding to show. He is also gelded and halter broke and ready for a bright future! Hemi is just waiting for the right person to put some shoes on him & look out show ring!  $1500

Watch for an updated picture!

ASPC Outlaw's Bey Mayhem

ASPC Outlaw’s Bey Mayhem


Outlaw’s Bey Dandy

ASPC – Shetland

Foaled: 4/26/2014
Sire: AE Bey Star 37 3/4″
Dam: Outlaw’s Tru Picture  38″

This is another cross with a D&S Tom Collins daughter and AE Bey Star. Surprisingly, Dandy did not come out with any chrome as the other crosses have, but don’t let his plain color fool you! There is alot of personality in this package and he’s just waiting for the right person to love on him! Dandy measures approximately 40″.  $750


Outlaw's Bey Dandy, 2014 Shetland gelding.

Outlaw’s Bey Dandy





Outlaw’s Bey Dudley O

ASPC – Shetland
Foaled: 4/26/2016
Sire: AE Bey Star 37 3/4″
Dam: Outlaw’s Twice the Appeal

‘Dudley’ is a seal brown colt, again we were surprised by the color and lack of chrome. Guess it was the year for no frills! But he is a dynamite package and he is filling out very nicely!  He will be a fun gelding for someone to have just for fun or to show. Dudley is curious and very entertaining and he is a social butterfly among the ponies. We feel Dudley has the potential for a bright future in any arena.  $750

Dudley is in the front on the right.

2016 ASPC Filly & 2016 ASPC Gelding

2016 Foals – Emmy & Dudley


Outlaw’s Sur Boogie Woogie

ASPC – Shetland
Foaled: 4/17/2015
Sire: Outlaw’s Thyme For a Surprise  37″
Dam: Outlaw’s Raven’s Dancing Beauty  44″

We are so excited about this colt! We think he is phenomenal! He’s a tri-colored pinto colt with lots of charisma and looks about him. He is already gelded so he is going to be so fun for the right person to show. He’s only gelded because it makes our life easier :), not because he isn’t worthy of stallion status.

ASPC Gelding

ASPC Gelding, Outlaw’s Sur’s Boogie Woogie

Outlaw's Sur's Boogie Woogie, ASPC Gelding

ASPC Gelding, Outlaw’s Sur’s Boogie Woogie




ASPC Gelding,

ASPC Gelding, Outlaw’s Sur’s Boogie Woogie



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