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 Outlaw’s Queen Bey

Outlaw's Queen Bey


ASPC/AMHR -Shetland/Miniature

Foaled: 5/01/2014
Sire: AE Bey Star  37 3/4″
Dam: D&S Sands of Time 36 3/4″

This filly has attitude plus! Our cross with AE Bey Star and D&S Sands of Time never disappoints us! This filly is filling out nicely and will be so much fun to show as she has attitude as well as style, conformation, and action. She could be your next winner! AMHR Futurity nominated.  $1500







Outlaw’s Fireball Bey 35″

AMHR - Miniature
Foaled: 4/24/2011
Sire: AE Bey Star 37 3/4″
Dam: Rowbuck Dear Abby 35″

Outlaw’s Fireball Bey 2012

This filly’s dam has been the cornerstone of our breeding program for several years and is the dam of National Futurity  Champion, Outlaw’s Dear Tabby. She has also produced Outlaw’s Thomasina, who has been a Top Five Futurity winner  both her yearling and two year old years.  This filly has chrome as well as the conformation and attitude to be noticed!  This filly is really popping out more and more as she matures and I love her movement!


Outlaw’s Fireball Bey 2012


Outlaw’s Bey Rhumba  38″

AMHR - Miniature
Foaled: 5/3/2011
Sire: AE Bey Star 37 3/4″
Dam: STC’s Rhythmn-N-Blues 36″

Outlaw’s Bey Rhumba 2012

This filly is full of personality and is definately a ‘pocket pony’! She would make an excellent CDE horse as she is talented and loves to be with people.  Rhumba would be also be an excellent filly if you are looking for a youth horse as a possible 4-H prospect. We always give discounts to youth homes for our horses.

AMHR $500

Outlaw’s Bey Rhumba 2012

Sold! And Congratulations to Brice, Tracey, & Chad! We love the fact that Rhumba is going to be a part of your family!


Outlaw’s RagTime Blues  34″

AMHR - Miniature
Foaled: 5/18/08
Seal Brown Filly
Dam: STC Rhythm-N-Blues – 36″
Sire: D&S Tom Collins 34″

This mare is very petite and refined.  She carries the lineage of Seth Thomas on both her dam and sire’s side plus her sire’s side is also 50% Arenosa. RT has the talent to be competitive in the show arena and then be a great addition to anyone’s broodmare band! She has a gentle and pleasing personality.  RT measures 34″ and is a quiet little mare. She’ll make an excellent prospect for an amateur or youth.  $500

Outlaw's RagTime Blues

AMHR Outlaw’s RagTime Blues

Outlaw's RagTime Blues

AMHR Outlaw’s RagTime Blues











Outlaw’s Thomasina  35″

AMHR – Miniature
Foaled: 5/20/08
Black Filly
Dam: Rowbuck Dear Abby 35″
Sire: D&S Tom Collins 34″

Outlaw’s Thomasina

We love this cross! Thomasina’s dam is an awesome mare and she had
many championships to her credit in her day. Thomasina was shown
successfully as a yearling & a 2 year old placing Top Five both years in
her futurity classes at AMHR Nationals & was National Top Ten in her
age class as a yearling. Thomasina has a wonderful personality and will
make an excellent prospect for someone looking for an experienced show horse. Thomasina has been started in harness but has never been transitioned to the cart yet; life has just gotten too busy! Her full sister, Outlaw’s Dear Tabby, is a beautiful Country Pleasure driving horse & we feel Thomasina has the same potential.

  •    Grand Champion Mare – 2009 Iowa State Fair!
  •    2009 AMHR Nationals –
    •    3rd Futurity Yearling Mares, 32″ & Under
    •    5th Mare Yearling, Over 30″-32″
  •    Unanimous Junior Champion Mare, Under – 2010 Iowa State Fair
  •    Reserve Grand Champion Mare, Under – 2010 Iowa State Fair
  •    2010 AMHR Nationals –
    •    4th 2 Year Old Futurity Mares, Under


Thank you Longman Miniatures & Training Stables – Adam, Jody, & Jason –   for your expert care, grooming, & presentation of Thomasina! We know this filly is going places! Offered for sale to a Show Home Only.  Special discount pricing offered to a youth handler. $750

Senior Geldings


Outlaw’s Pecos Bey

ASPC/AMHR - Shetland/Miniature… Currently measures 35 1/2″
Foaled: 5/28/12
Dam: D&S Sands of Time 36 3/4″
Sire: AE Bey Star 37 3/4″

WOW! This is our third cross with D&S Sands of Time & AE Bey Star and they just keep getting better and better! We are very pleased at Pecos’s introduction into the show ring and his placings with limited showing. He was shown once as a yearling and received 2 Jr. Championships and 2 Grand Championships and once as a two-year old receiving 1 Jr. Championship, 1 Res. Jr. Championship, and 1 Res. Grand Championship.  He is so refined and has an elegance about him. We are both impressed with his action as well and feel he has a bright future ahead of him.  Pecos has recently been qelded and we feel this only adds to his value as a show prospect. There are several quality stallions out there to choose from but only a few select breeders offer quality geldings as well. We have always been avid gelding fans and believe that geldings are the most fun and versatile to show and enjoy. Pecos will give a lucky owner a bright future and lots of fun! $900

PecosOutlaw 02-05_5x7LR 14

ASPC/AMHR Outlaw’s Pecos Bey

PecosOutlaw 02-18_5x7LR 14

ASPC/AMHR Outlaw’s Pecos Bey


ASPC/AMHR Outlaw's Pecos Bey

ASPC/AMHR Outlaw’s Pecos Bey


Outlaw’s Antici-Bey-Tion 37 1/4″

ASPC/AMHR - Shetland/Miniature
Foaled: 6/5/2010
Sire: AE Bey Star 37 3/4″
Dam: D&S Sands of Time 36 3/4″

We were delighted with our first foal from our stallion, AE Bey Star. The colt is refined, well put together, & he has chrome – 3 socks and a blaze!  He combines the pedigree of Seth Thomas on his dam’s side and Seth Thomas & Arenosa on his sire’s side. We are sure he has a bright future ahead of him! Wow! This boy looks more impressive everyday! We have been enjoying watching him develop and he is really starting to come into himself. If you are looking for a winning halter and driving gelding this is your chance to snatch a good one and enjoy the thrill of watching him go places! Andy is started in harness and has started in show career in driving. All he needs now is miles.


Outlaw's Antici-Bey-Tion


ASPC/AMHR Outlaw's Antici-Bey-Tion





Outlaw’s Bey Voltage 220

ASPC - Shetland
Foaled: 4/21/2013
Sire: AE Bey Star 37 3/4″
Dam: Dragon Fire’s Electric Blue 42″

This colt is going to be fun, fun, fun! He is sharp and he definitely shows his dam’s spirit and movement. If you are looking for a fun gelding to add to your show string then give us a call! “Volt” is already gelded, halter broke, and is ready for more advanced training. We think he is going to mature in the 42″ -44″ range.   $500

Outlaw's Bey Voltage 220

Outlaw’s Bey Voltage 220


Outlaw’s Bey Mayhem

ASPC - Shetland
Foaled: 5/3/2013
Sire: AE Bey Star 37 3/4″
Dam: MO Sweet N’ Saucy EDV 43 1/4″

I thought my eyes were deceiving me when this colt was born! I was shocked by his markings but oh, I do like the way he looks and his coloring is just icing on the cake. ‘Hemi” is very refined and will make a sharp prospect for anyone looking for a gelding to show. He is also gelded and halter broke and ready for a bright future! We haven’t measured him lately but we think there is a chance he could be hardshipped in AMHR.   $500

ASPC Outlaw's Bey Mayhem

ASPC Outlaw’s Bey Mayhem


Outlaw’s The Bey Magician

ASPC - Shetland
Foaled: 5/7/2013
Sire: AE Bey Star 37 3/4″
Dam: WILK No Illusion  44″

This is the first time in several years that we have tried a new cross with one of our foundation broodmares. This cross gave us a nice colt who is a half-brother to our home-bred and raised gelding, Outlaw’s Just Wanna ‘Lil MO. “Mag” looks like he will mature in the 44″ range and he is going to make a nice riding pony for someone who is looking for a shetland pony with a little more substance.  Like the other boys, he is gelded and halter-broke and ready to be somebody’s pocket pony. His half-brother, Outlaw’s Just Wanna ‘Lil MO, is a gem and we couldn’t ask for a better pony for our grandchildren. We feel confident that “Mag” will follow in “Bucko’s” footsteps.  Sorry no longer offered for sale – the grand kids need another pony!

ASPC  Outlaw's The Bey Magician

ASPC Outlaw’s The Bey Magician


Outlaw’s Bey Dandy

ASPC/AMHR – Shetland/Miniature

Outlaw's Bey Dandy

Outlaw’s Bey Dandy

Foaled: 4/26/2014
Sire: AE Bey Star 37 3/4″
Dam: Outlaw’s Tru Picture  38″

This is another cross with a D&S Tom Collins daughter and AE Bey Star. Surprisingly, Dandy did not come out with any chrome as the other crosses have, but don’t let his plain color fool you! There is alot of personality and dynamite in this package and we think he will be lots of fun to show! We believe Dandy will mature in the 37″ – 38″ range. AMHR Futurity Nominated $750





 Junior Stallions

Outlaw’s Bey Cosmos


ASPC/AMHR Outlaw's Cosmos Bey

ASPC/AMHR Outlaw’s Cosmos Bey

Foaled: 5/22/13
Dam: Outlaw’s TC’s No Mirage  37″
Sire: AE Bey Star 37 3/4″

This is our first cross with AE Bey Star and a D&S Tom Collins daughter that we hardshipped into AMHR. We were thrilled with the cross and we have big expectations for this young stallion prospect!  He had his first experience at the Blue Stem Miniature Horse Club show in July,2014 and we were very pleased with how he handled all the distractions. He took 2 firsts in his yearling class and behaved like a gentleman. Thanks to Dan Timmerman, T’s Miniature Horses,  for his expert handling of Cosmos! We had planned to add Cosmos to our breeding program but recently decided on a different direction so here is your chance to own this young stallion! Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of his exciting future! $1500



SOLD and thank you to….

Outlaw’s Bey Jangles, Gaylen Lewis and Family, Brewster, NE

Outlaw’s Bey Rhumba, Tracey Hartley and Family, Rose, NE


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Best wishes to all of our clients and thank you for placing your confidence in us and purchasing an “Outlaw.”