2019 Foals

Mares bred for 2019

Bred to MO Critical Acclaim EDV:


                   MO Critical Acclaim EDV


 ASPC Outlaw’s Tap Dancer

Arrived June 15th! Bay colt – Outlaw’s Out for a Spin


          ASPC Gelding Outlaw’s Out for a Spin

 ASPC/AMHR Outlaw’s Tru Picture

Arrived June 13th! Bay filly – Outlaw’s Gas’nGo Girlie


         ASPC Filly – Outlaw’s Gas’N’Go Girlie

 ASPC Dancing A Tune

Arrived June 7th! Bay filly – Outlaw’s Tune Up


           ASPC Filly – Outlaw’s Tune Up

 ASPC/AMHR Outlaw’s Tara Rose

Arrived June 19th! Black & white filly – Outlaw’s Maximum Performance


ASPC Shetland Filly

   ASPC Filly – Outlaw’s Maximum Performance


Thank you Ellie Verba, Verba Shetlands, for giving us the opportunity to lease ‘Rev’ and love him!


Bred to D&S Tom Collins:

ASPC Scandalous Review EDV

Arrived June 9th! Bay colt – Outlaw’s Tacticus


           ASPC Gelding – Outlaw’s Tactitus


Bred to Donk:

ASPC/AMHR Outlaw’s ‘Til Unveiled

Arrived July 30th! Dun mule colt – Outlaw’s Gliding Edsel


          Mini Mule – Outlaw’s Gliding Edsel