2020 Foals

Mares bred for 2020

Bred to MO Critical Acclaim EDV:


                   MO Critical Acclaim EDV

  ASPC/AMHR Outlaw’s Queen Bey

Due May 21st

Thank you, Ellie Verba, Verba Shetlands, for giving us the opportunity to lease ‘Rev’ and love him!

His last 2 years foal crop have been

awesome and we are looking forward to his last foal crop!


Bred to D&S Tom Collins:

ASPC Outlaw’s LeBey Idel

Arrived May 9th! Bay colt  Outlaw’s Tuff Enuf

ASPC MO Sweet N’Saucy EDV

Due Early June


Bred to Larry & Jerry (the Donkeys):

ASPC Outlaw’s Elizabey Waltz

Due as early as May 21st

AMHR Outlaw’s Colorful Delight

Due as early as May 21st