Foaling time is almost here!

Well, the first mare due to foal has been brought into the barn & is handling it pretty well. If you have been reading any of my posts you’ll know that this mare doesn’t like being stalled so I was a little nervous about bringing her into the barn in preparation for foaling (she’s a first time mare) but I certainly wasn’t comfortable leaving her outside to foal either. Our weather has been absolutely beautiful so temperature isn’t really a problem this year, I just feel better having her in the barn. Anyway, I brought her pasture buddy into the barn with her and have her stalled right next to her & all is going well. Actually, I didn’t realize the two were such good buddies. I brought our 2 show mares for the year  in at the same time with the intention of stalling the younger mare next to the bred mare in the barn & leaving the older show mare outside in a pen next to the barn for a couple of weeks yet. I got the stalls ready, put the young filly in & the bred mare in & thought we were all set. But the mare outside is whinnying & the bred mare is whinnying so I switched & took the younger mare outside & brought the older mare into the stall next to the bred mare & everyone was happy.  So all is going well and now it is just a waiting game. The mare’s due date is April 6-7 so we are about a week off and she isn’t showing any signs at this point of speeding things up. Hopefully though by next week I will have foal news to report! In the meantime I love hearing about everyone else’s new foals and seeing the pictures posted. Happy foaling everyone!