Foaling Season Results

Our foaling season lasted 2 1/2 weeks so it was short and sweet although it seemed longer than that because I started watching them closer about 2 weeks before the first mare actually foaled.  And for some reason they all decided to foal during inclement weather so there were extra checks in-between to make sure everyone was doing fine and staying warm.  Our spring weather has been a little odd this year with snow still arriving May 1st and it was cooler than usual for this time of year. One mare foaled outside in the snow because she showed no signs of foaling when I turned her out that morning. Another mare foaled outside on a blustery, windy day for the same reason. Both of those were our maiden mares. The older mares showed impending signs so they were inside the barn but they too foaled just before a crappy spell so the foals didn’t get out to sunshine for a couple of days.

It was our year for boys but we feel we were blessed with exceptionally nice boys and we are very excited about their future. We have 3 ASPC colts, all sired by AE Bey Star, and 1 ASPC/AMHR colt, also sired by AE Bey Star. The ASPC colts will be gelded at an early age and we will leave the ASPC/AMHR colt a stallion for now. We have always believed that a great stallion prospect makes a fantastic gelding and these boys deserve to be shown and used. They are all flashy colts – Bey Voltage has a small star and socks, Cosmo Bey is a prettily marked bay & white pinto, Bey Mayhem (who’s barn name will be Hemi) has 4 high white socks, some wild markings, and a blue eye, and the chestnut pinto colt has a white tail and I believe 2 blue eyes. I will try to post pictures as they grow over the summer months. Each one is already developing a personality of their own so it’s going to be a fun summer watching them grow and develop. We missed having the filly fairy make at least one appearance but these boys are so nice that we are not even complaining!