Feels like Spring!

Wow! Today is a warm, breezy day! Feels good to be outside without a coat on & the promise of spring is just around the corner. We’ve had an easy winter this past year so nothing to complain about but still there is something about the thought of spring that just gives a person energy & creates an excitement of it’s own.

Our training continues with the gelding under saddle and he is coming along nicely. Ethan has been riding him outside of the round pen & he is getting used to noises and things away from the barn. He is also improving with his reining and stop and go. So now it is just ride, ride, ride. Our little neighbor boy who is 2 1/2 years old was visiting yesterday afternoon so we gave him a ride on Bucko. He loved it and Bucko acted like it was an everyday occurrence so I think he’ll be ready for his young riders. 🙂

The brood mares are looking fat and sassy. It’s time this week-end to move the first mare due into the barn. She is still about a month off but I like to have them acclimated especially since it’s her first foal.

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful day in your corner of the world!