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Summer is flying by!

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Wow, summer is just flying by for us! We enjoyed a week in Kentucky in early June for our oldest son Tyler’s wedding and it seems like we are still playing catch-up! We had some nice spring rains so the hay was ready in June and we are still putting hay up. We are not complaining as last year it became hard to get hay because of the dry conditions. We are still dry here but the spring rains did help with the early season grasses. So between the haying and our work load and the timing of the local shows, we have not been able to show any this season. Bummer as I was really looking forward to getting a couple of boys in the show ring! We have started our 3 year-old Gelding, Outlaw’s Antici-Bey-tion in harness and are looking forward to getting him into the cart. It’s also time to start clipping the babies for pictures and seeing what is underneath that foal hair. We clipped our ASPC/AMHR weanling colt, Cosmo Bey, this past week-end and WOW! I was impressed. We are thinking that maybe he might have to take a trip to Nationals for us this year! We’ll see what the next couple of weeks bring as we’ll have to make a decision quickly. In the meantime, we’ll keep working & haying, working & haying, working & haying…….