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Spring has Sprung!

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

Spring has sprung according to the calendar except looking out the window today I see snow on the ground, snow in the air, wind blowing the trees and it’s cloudy and cool. Oh well, it’s Nebraska and it’s March so we know the weather will change and warmer days are on the way. 🙂

We are about 30 days away from foaling and as always, I am looking forward to foaling season. This year we are expecting one ASPC/AMHR foal and three ASPC foals. I just love the challenge of genetics and seeing how the bloodlines we have chosen cross with each other. This year will be a first for all of the crosses as we used our stallion, AE Bey Star, on all the mares this year. The ASPC/AMHR mare is a D&S Tom Collins daughter and we have been anxiously waiting to cross her with Bey Star. We decided to use Bey Star on the ASPC mares to see if we could gain a little more height on the foals. Tom Collins is a size reducer whether bred to an AMHR mare or an ASPC mare so we wanted to see what Bey Star would do on those same bloodlines. I will definitely miss having a Tom Collins foal this year but hopefully Judy Gottlob’s mare, Ginger, is bred so we will be able to boast of one foal by Tom Collins. We will be bringing the mares into the barn area next week and starting to get them into the routine of being in the barn at night. So excited! And I am also hoping that in another 30 days we will be seeing warmer spring weather!