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Horses Are Home!

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

We brought the horses home from pasture this past Monday. We are fortunate to be able to run them on about 40 acres of grass for about 3 months out of the year. The pasture is north of us about 30 miles and they enjoy being out in the quiet, open hills for awhile. We usually take them to pasture around the first of August after our breeding season is completely done & then bring them home around the first of November. I think they are glad to be back home & I love looking out my kitchen window and seeing horses in the pasture here. It’s just a soothing sight for me. The horses get along great while on pasture and since they are on my dad’s place, he checks in on them from time to time. This year we did have a scare. We are in very dry conditions right now since we have not had any measurable rain since May 30th. The fall was warm with some windy conditions and one day when the neighbor was picking corn just to the northeast of the pasture where the horses were, the combine sent a spark and a fire started extremely quick and in these conditions, spread extremely fast. My dad happened to be in town at the time & when he heard the fire whistle, he checked on the origin of the fire & when he heard, he immediately knew what had happened & what a threat it was. He headed out to the place & as soon as he got there he checked on the horses & they had moved to the very west side of the pasture away from the fire. The fire went across the eastern edge of their pasture and none were hurt, nor was any buildings, home sites, livestock, or humans harmed that day but the fire did cover roughly about 8 miles in length & 4 miles in width. I recognize it as a blessing when you look at the big picture and realize how much worse it could have been, that’s when a person realizes that God was in the midst of all of it and averting tragedy. The fence around the pasture was in bad shape so we moved the horses to another small pasture that hadn’t been used all summer and they enjoyed another 3 weeks in the hills before we brought them home. Yes, you could say they are a little bit spoiled. 🙂