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Today is Derby day!

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Today is one of my favorite days – the day of the Kentucky Derby! I just love to watch the horses run and all the history, information, and excitement that builds up to the Kentucky Derby is fascinating to me.  Since our oldest son lives in Louisville, we’ve had the privilege of touring Churchill Downs and seeing the museum.  The museum itself is awesome and can keep a person fascinated for hours with all the facts and information displayed. Someday I want to attend the Kentucky Derby too – it is definately on my ‘to-do’ list! I keep telling my son that would be an awesome Mother’s Day gift. 🙂  I’m not much of a gambler so I don’t usually bet on the horse race & I don’t understand all the lingo that goes with picking a favorite for the race but I do find the articles and the information they compile on why they handicap a certain horse the way they do very interesting. But when it all comes down to it, I’m sure there are several factors that just can’t be decided by how the horse looks on paper. I also love the names they pick for these horses – I like to write down my favorite ones and those names may end up someday with an ‘Outlaw’ in front of them. IF I do decide to bet then my betting is usually based on a name I like. A few years ago I think that paid off in a 2nd place finish although I can’t remember the name now. It sounds like this year’s Kentucky Derby is gearing up to be an interesting one for the record books and you can bet that I will be geared to the TV watching it!