2012 Futurity

It’s that time of year again to fill out futurity paperwork. I love participating in the futurity programs. I love the challenge that comes with matching bloodlines together and seeing if they can produce an offspring that carries on the desirable qualities from both parents. Futurity programs are also a way to measure a breeder’s program as to how successful it is according to the breed standard and the direction that breed is taking. Often times when the line-up is called for all the Futurity winners and you look at them together, a consistent type will emerge. It’s an impressive sight when you can actually see the type reproduced from various programs across the country. Hats off to all the breeders who are dedicated to supporting the ASPC/AMHR Futurity programs!

We have produced 2 Futurity Champions here at Outlaw Miniatures & Shetlands and both of those AMHR fillies were sired by our stallion, D&S Tom Collins, who was himself a Futurity Champion. We also have other AMHR horses who have consistently placed with Top Ten Honors the years they were shown in their respective futurities. So we feel our breeding program is on the right track to continue the growth of AMHR.

This year we have sustained all of the AMHR horses we had in the program along with 2 Classic Shetlands in the ASPC Classic Shetland Futurity program. We will be nominating our stallion, AE Bey Star, in the Classic Shetland program and 2 of the mares he has bred for this season. We feel it’s time our breeding program was beginning to show itself stronger in the ASPC division.

Good luck to everyone participating in the AMHR/ASPC futurity programs! I look forward to seeing the results of your efforts!