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Finally a Sleigh Ride!

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

We finally hitched our new sleigh up this past Sunday and went for a drive.  It was fun! I had never been on a sleigh ride before at all so I was really having a blast. We probably have about 6 – 8 ” of snow so it was pretty deep off the beaten path. Of course this time of year, in our country,  it’s hard to keep a horse in good shape for that much physical exertion without an indoor arena. We hooked up our stallion, D&S Tom Collins, as he always has an exuberant amount of energy, literally. He hadn’t been hitched in over a year and he did a great job. He took to pulling the sleigh like he was an old pro! The only drawback was that we forgot to attach the sleigh bells so we missed all the musical notes. 🙂 I think there will be lots more sleigh rides in the future & I can even see red bows and maybe a gentleman in a red suit before next Christmas.

P.S. Don’t let Ray know about that idea!

ASPC/AMHR Futurity Prospects!

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

I love being a member of both the AMHR & ASPC Futurity programs and participating in the programs every year with the foals we raise. To me that is one of the most exciting opportunities about being a breeder – the chance to put your breeding program in the spotlight to be judged and see how it stacks up against the competition.  Futurity entries are due March 1 and it’s not too early to be thinking about the stallions and mares you want to consider nominating for 2011 or the foals that you want to sustain in the program.  Information about the ASPC/AMHR Futurity programs can be found in the ASPC/AMHR bi-monthly publication The Journal, or you can ask the chairperson of the respective futurities or any futurity member any questions you may have. If a member is like me, they love sharing information about the futurity programs and the benefits it can bring to you, the breeder, not to mention the thrill and excitement of a seeing an animal that you produced & raised go on to take Top Honors in the program. Thinking about our 2011 foal crop and their possibilities within the futurity programs is what helps me see past the wintery, bleak days of January. 🙂 We currently have proven futurity winners and futurity prospects for sale. Check them out on our For Sale page!